Facilities & Services

Co-working Space & Private Cabins

Access to Departmental Laboratories and other Resources of REVA University for their products development purposes

Other Facilities

Broadband Internet

Broadband Internet

Electronic System Design and Manufacturing (ESDM)

Telephone Lines

Robotics & Intelligent Systems


Bio-Sciences or Life Sciences

Photocopier & Scanner

Clean Energy

Projection equipment

Art and Design

Pantry Facilities

Renewable Energy


Renewable Energy

Business Labs

Renewable Energy

3D Printing Facilities

Other Servicess

Apart from physical infrastructure as stated above, REVA NEST intends to create certain other supports and services which would include but not limited to:


Pool of mentors, experts in technology, legal, financial and related matters, with or without consideration.


Organising events to help companies in networking and showcasing their technologies.


Seed funding for Potential Projects.


Meetings with visitors of REVA NEST (such as alumni, Venture Capitalists, industry professionals).