REVA NEST and Fab Lab Visit by 4th Sem School of Applied Sciences


On February 19, 2024, REVA NEST - Technology Business Incubation Center, in collaboration with the School of Applied Sciences, organized a visit for 4th Semester students from the School of Applied Sciences. The purpose of this visit was to provide students with hands-on exposure to innovation, entrepreneurship, and advanced technologies at REVA NEST and the Fab Lab.

The Visit Key activities as Follows:
1. Introduction to REVA NEST:
Students received an overview of REVA NEST - Technology Business Incubation Center, highlighting its role in fostering innovation, supporting startups, and providing resources for aspiring entrepreneurs.

2. Tour of REVA NEST Facilities:
Participants were guided through the facilities at REVA NEST, including co-working spaces, mentorship programs, networking opportunities, and access to funding and resources essential for startup growth.

3. Interactive Session:
An interactive session allowed students to engage with resident entrepreneurs and mentors at REVA NEST, learning about their startup experiences, challenges faced, and strategies for success.

4. Fab Lab Demonstration:
Students witnessed a demonstration of the Fab Lab, displaying its advanced prototyping equipment and tools, such as 3D printers, laser cutters, and CNC machines. They learned about rapid prototyping techniques and their applications in various fields.

5. Q&A Session:
A question-and-answer session provided students with the opportunity to seek clarifications, exchange ideas, and interact with faculty members, mentors, and industry experts present during the visit.

Organized By: REVA NEST Technology Business Incubation Center
Coordinator Name: Mr. Adithya Poojary
Date : 19th February 2024
Time : 03:30 PM to 04:30 PM
Total Participants: 60 Students