Fab Lab Workshop-2023


REVA NEST is providing an exciting opportunity for students to participate in a Fab Lab Workshop. The workshop is designed to stimulate creativity, innovation, and collaboration among our talented individuals.

Date: 5th & 7th July 2023  
Location: REVA FAB LAB

The Fab Lab Workshop aims to provide a hands-on experience in a state-of-the-art fabrication laboratory, equipped with advanced tools and technologies. This workshop will enable us to explore the limitless possibilities of digital fabrication, rapid prototyping, and design thinking.

Workshop Highlights:

  • Learn about the exciting world of digital fabrication
  • Hands-on experience with 3D printing, laser cutting, and electronics
  • Discover the limitless possibilities of creating your own designs
  • Explore the intersection of art, technology, and innovation
Workshop Activities:
  • Introduction to digital fabrication tools and
  • Design and create your own 3D model
  • Experience the process of laser cutting and engraving
  • Collaborative hand on training and group discussions