A session on IPR and Copyrights Awareness


A sessions on awareness of IPR, filing procedure, performing prior art search and more. The participants would understand how to make use of IPR cell within the university, to protect and commercialise IP generated through their research.

More Events:

-A session on IPR and Copyrights Awareness 

-Intellectual Property Rights 

-A session on IPR Awareness 

-A session on Design Patent Filing 

-Webinar on The importance of Intellectual Property Rights for Make in India 

-Webinar on Patent Filing Procedure 

-Webinar on Filing Software Patents 

-Essay Writing Competition 

-Webinar on Patents in Civil Engineering 

-Webinar on Patent Awareness and Filing Procedure 

-Poster Presentation on IPR 

-Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) Cognizance in research and Innovation

The list of all the above events are given in detail, in the below document.