Innovation and Creativity Thinking


Session 1: Context setting (1.5 hrs) - Organised by Richard from WP - 10am - 11:30am

Description: This session is to understand what is innovation and creativity within the context of a Fablab and how it relates to the action of generating ideas as well as solution to complex problems within a hardware constrained environment.

Outcome: Understanding the role of the Fablab as a catalyst for Innovation and Creative thinking

Session 2: Innovation Exercises 1 (1.5 hrs) - Organised by Baishnabi - 11:30am - 1pm

Description: This session explores the concept of Design Thinking and allows the participants to understand the meaning of design beyond simple definitions and allowing the factor of empathy and function to combine in a seamless manner

Outcome: Understanding the role of Design Thinking in creating the mindset for Innovation and Creative Thinking

Lunch Break: 1pm - 2pm

Session 3: Innovation Exercises 2 (1.5 hrs) - Organised by Baishnabi - 2pm - 3:30pm

Description: This session is about exercising the innate creative muscles of the mind to understand your own personal Innovation Quotient and study methods to improve it over a longer term of both kinesthetic and mental gymnastics designed to improve the mind and make it more neuroplastic.

Outcome: Understanding the role and method of innovation in everyday life and out of the Fablab

Session 4: Innovation/Creativity from First Principles (1.5 hrs)

Description: This session will explore how to innovate from first principles, the process behind innovation and creativity, and will explore ways of enhancing this process within the context of Fablabs and Innovation Spaces along with some real life case studies.

Organised by Sumedh from Artilab Foundation 3:30pm - 5pm

Outcome: To understand the principles used by startups and innovators in solving real world problems through innovation and creative thinking.