Innovations and Technology Development in Science


IDEATHON contest is an initiative done with two motives to Invite:

1.  The best ideas and proposals for a Start-Up venture at REVA (In association with REVA NEST)

2.  The best ideas which are Patentable (In association with REVA IPR CELL and KSCST)

The REVA NEST is a dynamic, dense, connective pulse of innovation, compact landscape and following in its tradition of inventive grit. The Innovations and technology unites vital research, talent, technology, and an entrepreneurial spirit with the support, culture, amenities, and capital that allow innovators to thrive. An innovative brain and enthusiasm to convert ideas into reality is key to solve real-life problems. Aspiring dreamers, Students, Youths, Research Scholars having the zeal to build the next big things are welcome to work on their innovative ideas and take them to prototype.

REVA IPR cell in association with KSCST extends all the logistics and support in Prior art search and Patent Filing for Novel ideas (Provisional patent) and inventions having Novelty & application for the bene?t of society.