Lean Start-up & Minimum Viable Product


About Event

As part of a Pre Incubation Program REVA NEST Organized a Session on Session on Incubation  - on Lean Start-up & Minimum Viable Product on 24th August 2022.The Resource Mr. Pramod Kalyani, CEO of Kalsoft Solutions Pvt Ltd & Incubatee, REVA NEST explained the importance of the MVP & how to run startup by explaining below steps: 

1. Step 1: Start with Market Research. At times, ideas will not fit the market needs. 

2. Step 2: Ideate on Value Addition. 

3. Step 3: Map out User Flow. 

4. Step 4: Prioritize MVP Features. 

5. Step 5: Launch MVP.

6. Step 6: Exercise 'B.M.L.' - Build, Measure, Learn.