Session on Funding Opportunities for Startups


Organized By | REVA NEST

About Event

REVA NEST, the Technology Business Incubation Center, organized a session on "Funding Opportunities for Startups" on January 31st, 2023, at 3:30 PM. The session was aimed at providing valuable information and insights to startups looking for funding opportunities. The session was held at the REVA University campus in Bangalore and was attended by Student entrepreneurs,

Session Highlights

The session was started with a welcome address by the Mr. Adithya Poojary, Manager of REVA NEST, who introduced the topic and highlighted the importance of funding for startups. He mentioned that funding can help startups grow and scale up their businesses, and it can also provide them with access to resources and networks that can help them succeed.

Dr. Srinath shared their experiences and insights on funding opportunities for startups, and they also discussed various funding models and the criteria that investors look for when evaluating startups.

Dr. Srinath emphasized the importance of having a strong business plan and a clear value proposition when seeking funding. He also stressed the need for startups to be strategic in their approach to funding and to explore different funding options, such as seed funding, angel investment, venture capital, and crowdfunding.

Dr. Srinath also discussed the challenges that startups face when seeking funding, such as the high failure rate and the lack of access to capital. They suggested that startups should focus on building strong relationships with investors and should be prepared to demonstrate their value proposition and market potential.

Organized By REVA NEST- Technology Business Incubation Center

Coordinator Name- Mr. Adithya Poojary

Date- 31st January 2023

Time-03:30PM to 04:30PM

Targeted Audience-REVA NEST Pre-Incubation Batch 2

Total Students- 07 Students

Total Staff Members- 02 Staff Member

Outcome of the Event- The session on "Funding Opportunities for Startups" organized by REVA NEST was an informative and insightful event. The session provided valuable information and insights to startups looking for funding opportunities, and it also provided a platform for student entrepreneurs to share their experiences and insights. Overall, the session was a great success, and it demonstrated REVA NEST's commitment to supporting the startup ecosystem in Bangalore.