Session On Financial Management In Start-Ups


Organized By | REVA NEST

About Event-

On 03rd March 2023, REVA NEST - Technology Business Incubation Center organized a session on "Financial Management in Start-Ups" The session was conducted at 04:45 PM, and the purpose was to educate the start-up community about the importance of financial management and how to manage their finances effectively.

Session Highlights

The session started with an introduction by the speaker, Dr. T L Srinath, Founder, GenoPhe Bio-Tech Pvt. Ltd. He explained the various financial challenges faced by start-ups and the importance of financial management for the success of the business.

The session covered the following key areas of financial management:

Cash flow management: The speaker highlighted the importance of cash flow management and how it is crucial for the survival of the start-up. He explained the difference between cash flow and profit and how start-ups should focus on cash flow management to avoid running out of funds. Budgeting: The speaker emphasized the need for start-ups to create a budget and stick to it. He explained the various components of a budget, including revenue, expenses, and profits, and how to create a budget that is realistic and achievable. Financial forecasting: The speaker explained the importance of financial forecasting and how it can help start-ups plan for the future. He discussed the various tools and techniques used for financial forecasting, including trend analysis, regression analysis, and scenario analysis. Financial statements: The speaker discussed the different financial statements, including the balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement, and explained how they are used for financial analysis. Funding: The speaker highlighted the various funding options available for start-ups, including equity financing, debt financing, and crowd funding. He explained the pros and cons of each funding option and how start-ups can choose the best funding option based on their business needs.

Organized By REVA NEST- Technology Business Incubation Center

Coordinator Name- Mr. Adithya Poojary

Date- 03rd March 2023

Time- 04:45PM to 06:30PM

Targeted Audience- REVA NEST Pre-Incubation Batch 2

Total Students- 10 Students

Total Staff Members- 01 Staff Member

Outcome of the Event- The session on "Financial Management in Start-Ups" organized by REVA NEST - Technology Business Incubation Center was insightful and informative. The speaker provided practical tips and tools to manage finances effectively and efficiently. The session was well-attended by start-ups and entrepreneurs who found the session helpful in managing their finances better. Overall, the session was a success, and the attendees left with a better understanding of the importance of financial management in start-ups. In this session students also learned about the grand plan, What is Financial? Concepts and Metrics in Finance, Business Structure, Balance Sheet, Cash Flows; its Management, Earnings VS Cash Flows, Forms of Cash Flows, Steps of Cash Flows, Risk; its measurement, Measurement Methods, Capital Asset Pricing Model, the time value for Money, Valuation, & Trading Etc.