Session on Idea to Prototyping


About Event- -REVA NEST – Technology Business Incubation Center organized the session on a “Idea to Prototyping” on 06th December 2022 at 3:30 PM at FAB LAB, C V Raman Block Ground floor.

The Speaker for the session is Dr. Kiran Kumari Patil, Director University Industry Interaction Center & REVA NEST & Mr. Akhil George FAB Lab Instructor University Industry Interaction Center.

A total of 9 students and 2 staffs from different schools have attended the session.

Organized By-REVA NEST – Technology Business Incubation Center

Coordinator Name-Mr. Adithya Poojary

Date-06th December 2022

Time-03:30 PM to 04:30PM

Targeted Audience-REVA NEST Pre-Incubation Batch 2

Total Students-22 Students

Total Staff Members-02 Staff Members

Outcome of the Event-In this PREi Batch 2 students understood the process of Idea to Prototyping with Sketches & Diagrams, Video Prototype, 3D Printing or Rapid Model, Working Model, Wireframe Augmented Reality or Role Play through VR, Physical Model, Feasibility, Horizontal & Vertical.