Session on Design Thinking, Critical Thinking and Innovation Design


About Event
As part of a IIC programs School of Computer Science and Application in association with REVA UIIC and REVA NEST Organized a Design Thinking, Critical Thinking and Innovation Design on 12th November 2022.
The Resource Person Mr. Promod Kalyani, CEO, Kalsoft Solutions Private Limited, Bengaluru explained the need of the hour why we need to think innovatively and how this will benefit our nation.

Program Highlights: 
1.What is Design Thinking?
2.Why it important?
3.Indian/Eastern School thought?

Organized By-School of Computer Science and Applications
Coordinator Name -Prof. Farhanaaz
Date-12th November 2022
Time-09:30 AM to 11:30 PM
Targeted Audience -I B.Sc (H)
Session Offline
Total Participants-60+

Outcome of the Event
In this session students learnt were exposed to importance of thinking and innovative ways of thinking 

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